Billing and licensing FAQ

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  • Q. Are the uMarketPlace, uDropship, uRapidFlow and uGiftCert extensions fully open source?
    A. No, our extensions contain ionCube encoded files for the licensing purposes, however about 99% of the code is open, and if help is required with protected files, we'll be glad to add event hooks or provide hidden API on specific request. For more information on ionCube loaders: Loaders Download , Installation instructions

  • Q. What payment methods do you accept?
    A. Credit Cards (via Stripe), PayPal and Bank Wire

  • Q. How can I ensure the quickest order processing?
    A. In the order comments, please specify production domain for a single domain license OR server MAC or IP address and production domains for multi-domains license. If you do not have this information at the time of ordering – do not worry, you will be able to supply this information at any time in the future. In this case a temporary 3 day license key will be issued so you could start using the extension right away and our support team will contact you to obtain information for the permanent license.

  • Q. Are dev/test/staging domains included in the license?
    A. Yes, the (localhost) is always included in the license, in addition you can specify a single development domain.

  • Q. Are the subdomains included in the domain license?
    A. Yes, the domain license is for 2nd level domain and all its subdomains.

  • Q. Once I purchase an extension, can I later purchase and install add-ons?
    A. Yes.

  • Q. Are IP or MAC addresses required for domain licenses?
    A. IP or MAC addresses are required for licensing in multi-domain licenses (3 domains or 5 domains). For single domain licenses, IP and MAC addresses are not required.

  • Q. Once I purchase a 1 week license, can I later upgrade to the permanent license for the difference in price?
    A. Yes. Upgrade fee will be assessed in addition to the price difference.

  • Q. Once I purchase a domain license, can I later upgrade to the server license for the difference in price?
    A. Yes. Upgrade fee will be assessed in addition to the price difference.

  • Q. Is it a considerable amount of work to upgrade extension editions or install add-ons later?
    A. No, the installation is just unpacking an archive into Magento root folder.

  • Q. Do you offer an affiliate program?
    A. Please email and be sure to include your company's complete information and contact details. Please make sure to include detailed overview of the type of partnership you are looking for with Unirgy. Due to the high volume of partnership inquiries we will not respond to incomplete inquiries. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.