How to send vendor notifications manually on demand

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First you will need to create a custom order status, that will not be a part of standard Magento sales order workflow, and enable it in order state "processing".

Edit app/etc/local.xml and add right before the last </config>:

<!-- ADD: --> <global> <sales> <order> <statuses> <ready_to_ship> <label>Ready To Ship</label> </ready_to_ship> </statuses> <states> <processing> <statuses> <ready_to_ship/> </statuses> </processing> <!-- You can also add this status to "pending" state --> <pending> <statuses> <ready_to_ship/> </statuses> </pending> </states> </order> </sales> </global> <!-- RIGHT BEFORE: --> </config>

If you have Magento cache enabled, refresh it.

Next, configure uDropship to use this new custom order status to send the notifications to vendors.

Go to System > Configuration > Drop Shipping > Vendor Options. Find Make Available to Dropship on Order Status(es) multiselect, and choose only Ready To Ship status.

Now, when a new order comes in, to notify and make it available for vendors, you will need to change the order status manually to Ready To Ship.