Does uDropShip support buyers paying sellers directly?

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The uDropship does not provide this functionality.

I believe there's a good reason why most or likely no software out-of-the-box supports multiple real-time charges for the same order.
I'll attempt to describe the complications of direct payment from buyer to seller.

The ordering process relies on authorization/capturing of the funds before accepting the order on frontend.

If the transaction succeeds, the customer sees 1 payment on the credit card statement. The store owner has now full control over payout to the vendors and withholding commissions, transaction fees or adjustments for negative customer experience when it is a vendor's fault.

If the transaction fails, the order does not go through, the credit card statement does not contain any charge, the customer gets error notification and gets a chance to re-enter payment information.

That is, when there's only 1 authorization/charge for the order, the whole payment goes to online store, and later distributed to the suppliers.

Let's see how it will work if you want to charge for each vendor separately during the checkout.

If all the transactions succeed, the customer sees a number of payments on the credit card statement for each supplier. There are few issues with that:

a) Absolute majority of my clients didn't want the customers to have multiple charges on CC statement for the same order.
b) If the vendor for some reason is unable to fulfill the ordered products (either not in stock, or order request was misplaced), and you want to transfer the fulfillment request to another vendor, you will have to request a refund from the vendor or chargeback the vendor payment. Both options are troublesome.
c) Online store owner will have to charge the vendors for commissions, transaction fees separately, hoping that the charges will go through.

If the customer's credit card is maxed out after first (few) charges, and some charges are declined, there a situation: the customer was charged partial amount, but the order didn't go through.

Now you have to choose:
1. a) If you're authorizing only, cancel the authorizations. Not all payment APIs allow cancelling authorizations, relying on expiration of few days.
b) If you're charging automatically, refund the successful charges and not let the order through. The refunds can take time as well, depending on payment API.
While the authorization cancellation or refund processing takes its time, the customer funds are locked and he won't be able to use them for this or other transactions. This situation is highly unfavorable.

  1. Let the order through and mark only the paid items as ready for fulfillment, and notify only paid vendors about the order. This option requires:
    a) accounts receivables management
    b) partial stock inventory locking for the failed part of the order
    c) manual or automatic handling of partial order cancellation in case the remaining payment wasn't made.

There are more implications, but the ones above should show that multiple order payments will introduce a substantial overhead of handling the orders, on top of Magento customization complications.