Vendors do not receive notifications and do not see the orders in vendor interface.

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There are few configuration issues to check:
  • Shipping carriers other than "Drop Shipping" are enabled.

    When customer make an order with a regular Magento system shipping carrier directly (i.e. UPS, USPS, FedEx, FlatRate, FreeShipping, etc.), the order does not pass through dropship logic, and no related records are generated in database. Make sure that only "Drop Shipping" (or "Drop Shipping (Split), if you have this add-on installed") carrier is enabled.

  • The order did not reach one of a configured statuses to become available for dropship vendor.

    There's a configuration that allows store owner to decide at which stage the orders are automatically available to dropship vendors.

    Admin > System > Configuration > Drop Shipping > Vendor Options > Make Available to Dropship on Order Status(es)

    The notifications will be sent to vendors and be available in the vendor interface only when the orders will reach one of selected statuses. The notifications will be sent only once per order.

    Example: the store is configured to use an offline payment method (Check/MO) and when the order comes in, it has "Pending" status, until an invoice is generated and order becomes "Processing" or "Complete". By default dropship is configured to become available to vendors on order status "Processing" only, and will trigger only when the invoice is generated. If you'd like the order to become available to dropship right away, you'll need to add "Pending" status in the configuration.